Live Line Technology Drop out Surge arresters

Live Line Technology has been in the electrical manufacturing business for three decades.

Live Line Technology has multiple patents for the various drop out surge arrester designsand live line surge arrester voltages. The Live Line Technology design is unique in that it accommodates all US and EU surge arrester brands in the market. The bracket is universal and will fit any brand and voltage that the utility desires or has standardised on in the distribution voltage segment.

36kV Firewall Drop out surge arrester MCOV 29kV

Live Line Technology products have been installed across the world and haveinstallations  in Africa Asia, Australia, Brazil and the USA. The units have also been used in Eskom and have been approved, because Live Line Technology only uses Eskom approved surge arrester brands.

The key to success is the universal nature of the product. Live Line Technology is a customized system which allows the Utility to choose the surge arrester brand of their desire. The bracket is a universal

The most common voltages are from 3.3kv 6.6kv , 12kv, 24kv which fit into the drop out surge arrester Firewall bracket.

The drop out surge arrester is the safest surge arrester system , with a no recorded injuries to replace the surge arrester with a telescopic link stick.

3.3kV Drop out surge arrester                 
1.9kV  MCOV                                           
Link stick replaceable
6.6kV Drop out surge arrester          
5.4kV MCOV                                    
Link stick replaceable
12kV Drop out surge arrester              
9.4kV MCOV                                       
Link stick replaceable.
24Kv Drop out surge arrester
19.2Kv MCOV
Link stick replaceable.



1)    Safest surge arrester in the world – technician cannot get injured by replacing the surge arrester from ground.

2)    Visual indication-  The drop out surge arrester will drop out only when the surge arrester expires. Not every time there is a lightning storm.

3)    Reduce fault finding – should a surge arrester malfunction and SEF (SEF – sensitive earth fault), the surge arrester can easily pulled out via a hotstick or telescopic stick.

4)    Improve customer service – reduce surge arrester replacement time from minutes and hours to seconds.

5)    Improve probability of replacement – Eskom studies indicate drop out surge arresters are 4x times more likely to be replaced than fixed types.